4 PAX posted.  Very brisk Wednesday beat-down.  Weather was not snow!




Crabby PO QIC

Warm up:

Wapner Lap

Moroccan Night Club IC x 15

Arm Stretches

LBAC 10 forward and 10 backward

Leg Stretches

Indian Run to Happy Place.  Last PAX does one Burpee prior to ascending to the front.


PAX went through a series of six exercises with six reps each.  Exercises were (1) Absolution x 6, (2) Jump Squat Hold from 6, (3) Motivator from 6, (4) American Hammer IC x 6, (5) Merkin Plank Holds from 6, (6) Burpees x 6.  An Indian Run with last PAX doing one Burpee prior to ascending to the front followed.  PAX rinse and repeated this sequence five times (shooting for six but ran out of time) at different locations of the park.

Indian Run to Flag.  Last PAX does one Burpee prior to ascending to the front.


Ran out of time so substituted Mary for 6 Burpees.

Moleskin: Well….  Seems from the tone of the group text the PAX are hurting after this mornings beat-down.  Started off with a Wapner lap due to Maestro showing up early.  Ended up running out of time to complete the last series of exercises and mary, but we did manage to do all 42 Burpees.

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