March 23, 2018

5 Pax

Wapner, IM, Jay-Z, Crabby P.O., QIC Maestro


SSH x20 IC

WindMills x15 IC

Willy Maze stretches and arm stretches OYO

Plank/Merkin Holds (Plank, Half, and down position) 5 count each x5

Mosey to the H.P.

6 Burpees

Mosey to the Main Shelter Ring #1

Ring of Fire in Plank

2 rounds of Mountain Climbers x20

2 rounds of Low Plank Pickle Pounders x10

Ladder rounds of Merkins to 7

Back to HP for 10 Burpees

Then to the B-ball court for Ring #2

Ring of Fire in the Canoe

2 Rounds Freddie Mercurys x10

1 Round Heals to Heaven x10

Ladder Round of Flutter Kicks to 5

10 Burpees then a run to the Festivus Pole

Ring #3

Ring of Fire in the V-sit

2 Rounds Heal Touches x10

1 Round Crunchy Frog x10

Ladder Round of American Hammers to 5

10 Burpees and mosey to the HP

Plank Jacks x15 IC

10 Burpees

Slow Mosey to the Flag with Lunges and Toy Soldiers alternating at the lamp posts.


LBC Holds in Boat and in Crunch Positions x5

Heal Touches x23 IC


Tried to heat things up with a little fire this morning. And being the 23rd, we had to fulfill our obligation to the god which shall be named Burpee. I think the Happy Place will actually feel happy again when we get to just do Leg Blasters and Motivators there. Oh, and thanks to Cosmo for a little guidance.

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