March 24 2018 at the Swamp

15 pax posted with an honorable mention to f3DC for attempting to post with his 2.0 who would have nothing to do with it. #HIM Hoping Hold’em was just on his usual late start schedule we began on time!

Warm up

SSH ic 20

Bean pickers ic 20

Storm trooper ic 20

Moroccan nightclub ic 20

Shoulder rolls

The Thang

Perfect Merkins ic 20

Russian lunge ic 20

Mosey to the curbs

Mike Tyson ic 20

Rocky curb kickers ic 30

Curb bear crawl ladder 1 round

Stations: in teams

Jump rope,

Ropa wave

Car push, forward and backwards ,

block curls 20 ct,

team log lifts 20ct,

chain squats 20 ct,

kettle bell swing hand offs 20 ct,

Can can ic 8ct 20

Floyd Maryweathers ic 20

Newton cradle ic 20

Lbc’s ic 20

Crab cakes ic 20

Descending merkins from 10
With shuttle run


Gas pumps ic 20


Jefferson’s ic 20

Freddy mercury ic 20



QIC prayed us out and we headed to the 2nd F.

Mole skin

16 men including 2 FNG’s said no to the threat of 6+ inches of snow on the 4th day of spring and yes to getting stronger together! With many of our number with legitimate reason not to post, last minute job expectations illness and injury, 16 said yes. It was great to see our brothers make the trek from #blackcat 45 minutes to our north as well as an “ole” f3indianapolis favorite double respect f3Storman and our youngest that we can’t “hate hate” f3Hold’em fresh back from basic with the Army. 2 FNG’s posted, 1 EH’ed by our own IM and the other found us on FB so a big thank you to our comz Q Zamboni for continuing to keep our name in the Social eye. Woodchuck who has agreed to accept the 2nd F Q headed to the kolache factory to gather grub as the rest, 100% attendance, decended on our usual starbucks and awaitd the controversial kolachies. While waiting, Maestro unvailed the ,F3indianapolis nomad logo cake, we aren’t full region status, YET. Upon arival of the kolachies Cosmo quickly ceased all mumble chatter about sissy food as he enjoyed the rancheros kolache. Many stories were shared and all shared their name and its origin. We read the letter from our beloved f3Fonzie whom was unable to attend and without whom F3indianapolis would not be what it is today. Thank you for all who posted and for all that have been there from the beginning. I have to give a special thank you to my first follower Cosmo and the close second follower Zamboni without either one of which I would have likely given up more than once!

YHC , your Nantan for now.

F3Brickyard #giveitaway

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