Warm Up

Side Straddle Hops

Slow Squats

Motivator from 5

Slow Pushups

Mosey to the Fish Bowl

Tibetan 5 Rites – 15 Reps each

Yoga Series

Warrior 1,2

Reverse Warrior


Cresent Pose

Half Moon

Cresent Moon

Balance Series

Tree Pose

Front Hand Balance


Arm Pull

Shoulder Stretchs – Pull Down, Across Body, Hand to back

Back Stretch

Leg Stretches – Runners with reach/cross reach

3 Deep Breaths

Walk to Cars


Balmy 50 F ish  Cloudy

PAX:  Corwallis, Logger, DC, Zamboni, Pop, IM, Cosmo (Q)

7 Brothers posted in the Gloom Gumby workout.  Great to see everyone….I mean EVERYONE getting better at stretching and Yoga…nice job men.  This is an important part of fitness that helps in all other areas.  Normal mumble chatter throughout as well as the usually well-deserved jabs for this Q’s normal cadence mishaps!  Good time had by all!

Always a privilege,


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