The Hill

Q: Cornwallis

Pax: Logger

2 overcame the fartsack despite the rain and thunder, got a little wet, and got a little stronger.


Karaoke down parking lot, mosey back up to Cornerstone pavilion.

Thunderstruck Burpees!


We did 1/2 of a Spartacus. Here is how it goes:

Complete each exercise. If you need a break, take an 80 yard mosey to “catch your breath”. After each exercise is complete, take an 80 yard mosey.

F3 Indy


Spartacus is both full body boot camp + cardio. The rules are simple, the task near impossible. Exercises and reps below, however each rep must be done consecutively. If a break or pause in your reps is necessary, you must take an 80 yard mosey to “catch your breath”. You must also take the same mosey at the completion of each exercise…For those about to die, we salute you!

‘Merican x 50

Air Squats x 50

SSH x 50

Burpees x 25

LBC x 50

Dry Docks x 50

Jump Squats x 50

Tricep Pullover x 50 (we did Australian PU’s)

Hand Release ‘Merican x 50

WWII x 50


Dying cockroach x 25 IC

The W x 25 IC

Recover Recover!


-great having Logger out 3 days after completing his 1/2 marathon!

-YHC decided to cut the Spartacus in 1/2 after yesterday’s KB smoke fest.

-Logger and I both thought it was a very good decision.

-Full Spartacus is COMING!!! Get ready, you never know when it’ll pop up


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