5 PAX posted on this glorious morning.  Weather was brisk and chilly with a wind chill of 20 degrees.  The wind was ridiculous.





CrabbyPO (QIC)


Leg Stretching OYO

Grass Pickers IC X 15

Arm Stretching OYO

ATM IC X 1 (ATM consist of 15 alternating plank shoulder taps, 10 tempo merkins, and 10 regular merkins.)

Mosey to Happy Place via the scenic route.


PAX went up and down an exercise ladder.  Started with 5 Lunges each leg and then ran down the road and back.  Repeated 5 Lunges each leg and added 10 Mt. Climbers each leg and ran a littler further down the road and back.  Repeated the previous  exercises and added 15 Iron cross and ran down and back.  Repeated exercises again and added 20 Merkins and ran further down and back.  Once again repeated the previous exercises and added 25 squats and ran down the road to stop sign and back.  PAX went back through the exercise dropping off one at time and running down and back until PAX were back at 5 Lunges each leg.

PAX finished it off with some Jump Squat Holds from 5.

Mosey to the flag.


Captain Thor:  Big Boys and American Hammers ratio 1:4.  Went to 5:20

Reverse LBC’s IC x 20

Absolution x 8

Flutter Kicks IC x 20

Plank Hold for one minute

LBC’s IC x 30

Heel touches IC x 20


Cold and windy day for a work out.  PAX managed about 2.2 miles this morning and YHC fought the urge for Burpees which undoubtedly disappointed the PAX.  Overall a good workout.


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