2 Pax Posted, 34 Degrees, Stars were Bright, calm conditions.

Jay-Z and Maestro QIC


Warm-up Lap

Grass Pickers x15 IC

WindMills x15 IC

MNCs x15 IC

Shoulder Pretzels x15 IC

Mosey to HP

I is for Indian Crawls

Big Boys x10 then Crab Walk

Merkins x15 then Bear Crawl

RnR back to the start.

Mosey to the R

R is for Red Barchetta

100 yd run with 100 SSHs then back

75 yd run with 75 MCs then back

50 yd run with 50 LBCs then back

25 yd run with 25 Merkins then back

10 yd run with 10 Absolutions then back

Slosey back to flag

S is for Steinl

30 sec Plank

30 sec Low Plank

10 Merkins

10 times with each leg a combination of Peter Parker, Mountain Climber, Parker Peter, Flap Jack in an 8 Count Cadence.

10 Merkins

30 sec Low Plank

30 sec Plank



There was a great temptation to get more sleep especially with all the other fartsacking that was occurring this morning. We gave it a go anyway as we were already awake and ready to try some new things. Turned out to be a good upper body burn. Jay-Z noted that there were 75 Merkins accomplished this morning. Good work. I look forward to recycling this one at some point.

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