Blackjack is Back

Weather 31 (yes still 31)


Crabby PO
Wapner QIC


SSHs IC x21
Shoulder pretzels IC x21
Grass pickers IC x21
Shoulder touches IC x21



Start with 20 skull crushers, run to other side and do 1 squat, run back – reduce crushers and increase squats to 1:20 always adding up to 21

R&R with block curls and lunges (got to 8:13 when time ran out)


Wall sit with block
Block hold out
Al Gore with block
Freddie Mercury IC x21
Hello Dolly IC x21
Flutter kicks IC x21



YHC off to Vegas this afternoon and hoping to see a lot of 21 over the next few days. If you’re reading this thinking “that looks like a lot of arms”, you are correct. Almost 2 miles too, even sans Maestro lap. This workout may be traveling to The Hill next week if the Hillfolk can take it. Continued prayers for Maestro this week and for Zonkey knee surgery coming up in a few weeks.

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