2 men posted on yet another sub 30° day. 28° to be exact.


Jay-Z (QIC)

**Warm up

Maestro Lap

Moroccan Night Club ICx20

Grass pickers ICx15

Shoulder pretzels ICx15

Willie Mays Hays


Mosey to happy place

Leg blaster

Mosey to Babe Ruth diamond

Red Barchetta

Ran 100 yards, did 100 SSH

Return to start

Ran 75 yards, did 75 mountain climbers


Ran 50 yards, did 50 LBCS


Ran 25 yards, did 25 merkins


Ran 10 yards, did 10 Absolution


Cool down lap


Pickle pounder ICx15

15 plank jacks OYO

10 side plank hip taps each side


CrabbyPO and I were tempted to leave at 5:30 when it was determined that our workout “buddies” were all FARTSACKERS. What did Jesus say when tempted by the devil? He said, “Bring it.” Well, maybe not those exact words. That was our response too. The “bRief” workout has double meaning. Yes, it was brief, but was more than what the rest of you FARTSACKERS did this morning. More importantly, we did the R of Maestro’s IRS. Good, brief, workout. On this day, we welcome Daisy to the club of FARTSACKERS.

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