The Thang

Warm up



Shoulder Pretzels

Arm Circles

Mosey to the back lot

Jump Squat Holds (from 10)

Toe Raises (3 positions)

Overhead Claps (50)

Cherry Pickers (50)

Curb Plank Walk

Mosey to the Circle Garden

Circle Merkins (to 10)

Wall Sits

Mosey to the playground

Pull up Practice (top position, then lower slowly, 4X)

Mosey to the Basketball Court

Bear Crawl to the other end

Mosey to the cars

F3 Style Disc Golf

Every throw 5 Burpees

At Pin #1, 10 Merkins

At Pin #2, 10 Merkins, 20 Squats

At Pin #3, 10 Merkins, 20 Squats, 30 LBCs

Short Mosey to the cars

Mary for 4 mins

Flutter Kicks (20)

Freddie Mercury’s (20)

Low Dolly (20)

Gas Pumps (20)


Clear (sunrise) 35ish  Beautiful!!

PAX:  Woodchuck, IM, Hold ‘em, LoveJoy, Osha (from Cleveland), Marshhall (returning FNG) Cosmo (Q)

7 Brothers posted for a GREAT morning and a great workout that was so named by Woodchuck during COT.  Great to have Woodchuck back from his Army job (thanks of your service) John McConda back for his second workout…honored to Q and bestow his F3 name!  Also great to have Osha visiting from Cleveland for soccer.  Everyone worked hard (at least I think Hold’em broke a sweat)…suitable mumble chatter throughout with IM quickly correcting the Q on the countdown on the Squat Hold Jumps. Curb Plank Walk and Circle Merkins generated some groans as well, reminding the Q of the fun of Q’ing.

And EVERYONE got some extra Burpees in during Disc Golf…’nuff said….

Keep passing it on brothers…we’re growing!

Always a Privilege!


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