5 PAX Posted in the gloom to become Trash Men.  45F and B-E-A-Utiful.

Maestro Lap
Cherry Pickers x 40
Slow-Mo Windmills x 10
Tempo Merkins x 10
Tempo Squats x 10
SSH x 30
General Stretching

Jog around the park aimlessly with a trash bag.  When the group comes upon a piece of trash, clean it up and depending on what it was do an exercise:
Plastic Bottle = 10 merkins
Can = 20 LBC’s
Styrofoam Cup = 10 Squats

Burning Wall of Fire:  Wall sit while one PAX completes an exercise.  10 x Merkins, 10 x Squats, then 30 x overhead claps in cadence while in wall sit.

10 x J-Lo’s
20 x Dolly’s
10 x American Hammers
20 x Leg Raises
10 x Crunchie Frogs
20 x LBC’s
100 x 100’s

Mumble: Its amazing how much trash can be left on the ground feet from a trash can.  Could have easily filled up 2 trash bags.  We quickly realized if we stopped in did the excercises at every piece of trash, we wouldn’t get it all picked up.  Switched to 20x merkins/10x lunges 3 times through, cleaned some more then did 10x merkins/20x LBC’s/10x lunges 4 times through.  Thanks guys for helping clean up the park after the first warm weekend of the year.

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