5 PAX posted.  Weather was an overcast 50 degrees.





CrabbyPO (QIC)


Maestro Lap

LBAC – Forward IC X 15, Backwards IC X 15

Shoulder Pretzels IC X 15

Slow Count Squats

Leg Stretching

Happy Jacks.  IC X 4 – (SSH X 5 + 2 Jump Squats)

Mosey to Basketball Court.


Wilt Chamberlins

PAX hit the outdoor hardwood (asphalt) this morning to celebrate the playoffs.  PAX started on one baseline and completed 100 LBC’s then ran to the opposite baseline for 100 Squats.  Back to the first baseline for 100 flutter kicks (each leg) then to the opposite for 100 Lunges (50 each leg).

PAX then had the option for “Left” or “Right”.  Ultimately “Left” won out and PAX Moseyed to the bottom of the stairs for a round of Stairway to Seven.  (One Dip, One Merkin, Up the stairs for One Squat, Back down the stairs for Two Dips, Two Merkins, and up the stairs for two Squats.  PAX continued on until achieving Seven Dips, Merkins, and Squats.)

PAX climbed to the top of the stairs and YHC made an attempt at THUNDERSTRUCK.  (Play the song Thunderstruck by AC/DC and do a merkin when you hear “Thunder”)  YHC killed the exercise about two thirds of the way through due to a crackling speaker on his phone.

Mosey to the flag.


Laney Lu, Plank, and Merk IC X 5 (V sit hold for a 10 count, Low plank 10 count, 1 Merkin)

Dr. W IC x 5


Canoe / Boat Holds.


YHC tried to introduce some new found exercises from the Exicon this morning.   Some went ok and others still need some work.  Lots of mumble about having to do 100 of _______.  You can fill in the blank.  PAX had the opportunity to choose the second phase of the workout this morning and they went with the “Left” side.  It was decided that YHC’s phone might not make it until his upgrade in June.   “Dr. W” sucked (possibly due to all the previous leg exercised and the involvement of a lot of counting) but with some practice it might have potential.

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