48 and Clear up at the Hill this morning. 9 pax (Keytar, Wabbit, Samsonite, PVC, Cosmo, Marshall, Zamboni, and Logger with Woodchuck Q) posted for a worthwhile Tabatta table around the parking lot.


  • Bend & Reach IC 10x
  • Forward Lunge IC 10x
  • Windmill IC 10x
  • Arm, Shoulder & Chest Streatches

Tabatta 5 exercises (30sec on, 15 off), 6 reps each. Mosey between to different parts of the parking lot.

  • Merican
  • Lbc
  • Squats
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Mountain Climbers


  • Merican Hammer IC 15x
  • Low to High plank hold
  • Additional Stretches as needed


Muscle failure is the key to this Q. Helps individuals know what their limits are and still pushes them through the 6 reps. Great for strength building. Unfortunately the Burpie section didn’t make it to the 6th round.

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