Warm Up

Side Straddle Hops

Leg blasters

Merkin holds

Mosey around the parking lot

Stretch Series

3 deep inhales

Hamstring extensions (4 count)

Runners Stretch with L/R Hand Extensions

Side to side groin stretch


Side Quad Stretch

Modified Pigeon


Side Reach from Knees

Neck Stretch from Knees

Arm Clasp Stretch from Knees (behind)

Martial Arts Squat with Groin Stretch

Downward Dog Calf and Front Ankle Stretch

Wide Leg Stretch – Reaching with arms

Folded Leg Stretch – Reaching down extended shoe

Laying Chest Stretch – L/R

Tri Stretch

Shoulder Stretch

Wrist//Fore Arm Stretch

Balance Series

Tree Pose

Extended Leg Pose

Front Hand Balance

Standing Hamstring Stretch with Roll up

3 Deep Breaths


Balmy 73 F ish  Cloudy

PAX:  Corwallis, Logger, Marshall, Samsonite (until 6 AM), Cosmo (Q)

5 Brothers posted in the Gloom for a Gumby workout.  The warmer weather is a definite, but welcome change especially with the nice breeze we had blowing across the parking lot….certainly beats snow and cold!  My first all-stretch Q went very well as we were able to try a few new stretches and some balance moves to round out the workout.

Thanks for everyone’s participation…hope everyone had as much fun as me.

Always a privilege,


P.S.  Thanks Cornwallis for the F2 run this morning!

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