The Thang

Warm Up

Side Straddle Hops

Arm Circles

Wind Mills


Mosey to the end of the parking lot

Burpee Ladder

Mosey to Fishbowl

Pull up/Chin up/Merkin series – Like Leg Blasters from 7

Dips and Bar Merkins – Like Leg Blasters from 7

Mosey to Bear Crawl Bridge

5 cycles

10 jump squats

Bear Crawl across the bridge

Wall Sits – 30 Seconds (except for the last one)

Bear Crawl back

Mosey to cars

60 seconds of Flutter Kicks


Balmy 60 F ish  Cloudy

PAX:  Logger, Marshall, Samsonite, Ringo, Zamboni, PVC, Brickyard, Cosmo (Q)

8 Brothers posted in the Gloom for a Cosmo Variety Pack workout.  Workout went very well…Burpee Ladder is always a good start with the usual morning groans.  Q was a bit worried when Logger replied, “I’ve had worse” after the arm series, but I think Bear Crawl Bridge made up any difference for everyone.  Some PAX were worried that YHC lost his watch on the last wall sit, but 15 more seconds proved ‘character building’ for the group.

Agree with Zamboni that the warmer weather is producing a bit ‘gamier’ COT, but absolutely GREAT to have that problem!  Ain’t so bad anyway….keep giving it away….

Always a privilege,


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