Men posted for a nice relaxing morning to take care of their bodies after all of the best downs recently. Disclaimer was given and we slowsied to it.

Group 1: legs

25 squats IC

15 calf raises IC

15 side lunges

Quad stretch

Hip opener + arm

Finkle Swings

Runners stretch + arm

Hamstring stretch legs together, apart

Down Dog Calf Stretch

High Plank hip opener

Lie on back leg on knee pull

Butterfly stretch

Group 2: chest/arms

25 merkins IC

25 dips IC

25 arm circles IC

Arm scraper

Arm across/behind

Forearm stretch

Group 3: back

25 bridge



Bend down and press hands together

Bend down swing and stand

Lie on back pull knee

Sit and twist

Neck rolls

Popcorn stretches if extra time

Grab wrist behind back

Reach and lean



Brickyard wasn’t here, so it must be a stretch Q. Good job everyone taking care of your bodies today – it’s important to stretch to avoid injury, and today was a really heavy stretch day. The little sprinkle got us more wet after the workout then anything we did during the workout – haha! Excited about naming Marshall’s son, now known as Knee High. Dad took credit for instilling the sense of fashion in his son. Prayers for Cornwallis as he travels back to NC to do a GORUCK Heavy with F3 this weekend.

Always an honor to Q


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