4 PAX posted on this beautiful morning.  Weather was a nice 66 degrees.


Jay Z


CrabbyPO (QIC)



Grass Pickers IC X 20

Monkey Humpers IC X 20

Chinook IC X 20 each direction

Leg Strectching

Mosey to bottom of stairs



Tower of Terror

Exercises + Stair Lap.  Started with 12 incline merkins at the bottom / 12 rocky balboa’s (4 count) half way up / finished the up and down for one set.  PAX decreased the exercises each time by one and increased the number of stair laps.  PAX made it down to 3 on the exercises and 10 on the stair laps.

slowsey to Flag for Mary.


Flutter Kicks IC X 20

Gas Pumps IC X 20

Freddy Mercury IC X 20

LBC’s IC x 20

Laney Lu’s X 4


YHC pulled one out of the Black Cat playbook today and gave Wapner the assist due to YHC not recalling the order of the Tower of Terror.   PAX’s minds were quickly refreshed on why there has been no T of T since November.  Turns out running up and down stairs multiple times suck.  PAX all agreed that a good sweat was had this morning.

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