Lines, Lines, Everywhere a Line

8 PAX posted in the gloom to see how many lines we could run.  A perfect 56F.

Light stretching
Mosey around the church to the lower east parking lot

Thang 1:
Beginning at one end of the parking lot, run 1 giant suicide using the parking space lines as the lines.  Ended up being somewhere in the 28-30 lines (keeping count became impossible)

Took a quick break from running with 1 round of Bruce Lee
20 x Flutter Kicks IC
20 x American Hammers IC
20 x Heels to Heaven OYO
20 x LBC’s IC
20 x Crunchy Frog OYO
20 x 100’s IC

Mosey along the cross country course to get to the bottom of the hill.

Thang 2:
Hill Repeats – Run hard up the hill, jog back down, repeat until you want to die.

Mosey around the parking lot back to flag

ABC’s to finish up

A fun running workout with about 3.25 miles of running.  Unfortunately, most didn’t seem to think it was as fun as me.  Had several comments about not letting someone who enjoys running Q again.  The nerve!

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