Warm up


High Knees

Air Circles

Arm Circles

The Thang

Indian Run Mosey to the Soccer Field

This was a pyramid type workout with exercises on each side of a soccer goal with running to the other soccer goal and back in between.

Side one:


Mountain Climbers


Imperial Walkers

Monkey Humbers

Side two:


Flutter Kicks


Squat Jumps

Pickle Pounders

Slowsy to the Basket Ball Court

Bear Crawl/Run to Half/Full Court and Back

Mosey to the cars


C-Sit Flutter Kicks

C-Sit Leg Lifts

Up/Down Cross Core Exercise (Respect-ing the name right now)



65 F and Overcast

PAX:  Samsonite, Ringo, New Day, Alrighty (received name, 2nd Post), PVC, Brickyard, Defib, Barricade, Cosmo (Q)

9 Brothers posted for a fun exercise/run routine on the soccer fields that Wapner first brought to this AO.  Mumblechatter was suitable, especially around the number (and position) of the Burpees in the workout.  All finished well with the normal groaning around the C-Sit leg lifts…all in all, every seemed to get their money’s worth.  Great to see New Day back as well as Barricade’s visit from up north!

Q also got a kick out of explaining monkey humpers and pickle pounders to the young-ins….imagine that stirred some interesting discussion for Samsonite on the way home!

Nice work everyone!

Always a Privilege!


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