Do bears crawl backwards?

Five PAX posted on a Wednesday morning in the gloom for a bit of running and crawling.  54F.

General Stretching
Shoulder Pretzels x 20
Tempo Squats x 10
Kick Twists x 10

Mosey the long way through the park to the north bathrooms
Wall Sit with overhead claps x 20
LBC’s x 25
Wall Sit with Moroccan Night Clubs x 20
LBC’s x 25
Wall Sit with Nipple Tweakers x 20

Mosey around park to hill past south bathrooms

Hill repeats x 10 – sprint hard up hill

Mosey to hill just north of shelterhouse

Bearcrawl down hill and bear crawl backwards up hill, 5 merkins at top, R&R

Mosey to flag the long way

Flutter Kicks x30
Leg Lifts x 20
Dollys x 20
Heel Touches x 20
Windshield Wipers
5, 45, 90 holds

Mumble:  Running is fun!  Finished just a bit over 2 miles so not a ton.  Bear Crawling backwards up a hill is tough.  will definitely revisit.

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