Warm up

SSH ic 20

Bean pickers ic 20

Storm trooper ic 20

Moroccan nightclub ic 20

Shoulder rolls

The Thang

Mosey to the outhouse

Perfect Merkins ic 20

Mosey to the bath house and circle up

Floyd Maryweathers ic 20

Toy Soldiers ic 20

Newton cradle ic 20

Lbc’s ic 20

Crab cakes ic 20

Mosey to the basketball court

Descending merkins from 5
2 stage On bb court

Mosey to the hill

Burp back mountain 5 hills 100 Burps

Mosey to the curbs

Rocky curb kickers ic 20

Mike Tyson ic 20


Gas pumps ic 20


Jefferson’s ic 2

Freddy mercury ic 2


8 men posted to follow a crazy old man around to do alot of stupid stuff. Samsonite asked for more merkins after the Rocky Balboas so I obliged and added Mike Tysons.

Prayers were largely focused around Noblesville shooting and the state of the nation.


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