Warm Up

Side Straddle Hops

The Thang

Mosey to grassy knoll

Tibetan 5 Rights

Yoga Series

Warrior 1,2,3

Crescent Pose

Crescent Pose with Vertical Split


Slowsy to the cars


Balmy 68 F ish  Clear

PAX:  Logger, Cornwallis, PVC, Brickyard, Cosmo (Q)

5 Brothers posted in the Gloom for a good, old fashioned Yoga workout.  Good work by all as we focused our efforts on slow, rhythmic strength and breathing.  Everyone continues to improve on positioning and pace.  Mumblechatter was suitable with comments about exhaling via the correct body orifice (you don’t want to know) and compliments to the workout like “Yoga is easy….about as easy as F3” (appropriate sarcasm should be taken here).  Makes a Q proud!

Good stuff and awesome work men!

Always a privilege,


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