A 73F morning in which 4 PAX posted for a nice little workout in the park.

General Arm Stretching
General Leg Stretching
LBAC’s x 10 front and back
LBAC’s out front x 10 Front and Back
Mosey around the park a bit

Bear crawls forward down the hill and backward up the hill, R&R

Mosey around the park some more

Plank fights rotating through all opponents with 1 minute of fights against each

Mosey around the park

Duck walk tag for a few minutes (This was tough!)

Merkins IC x 10

Mosey around the park some more

Lunges up the hill ~50 yds

Mosey to playground equipment

Pullups x5, Swing Tysons x 10, R&R, R&R

Mosey to flag
Gorilla Humpers x 10
Monkey Humpers x 10

LBC’s x30
Flutter Kick’s x20
Heels to Heaven x 20

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