The Swamp

Q: Cornwallis
Pax: Hold’m, Cosmo, Defib, FNG Craig, Coldcuts, Swazee, Zamboni

Warm-O-Rama: (all IC)
SSH x 50
IST x 20
Windmill x 10
Weed pickers x 10
Mtn. Climbers x 50

The Thang:

Mosey to benches outside of the tennis courts

Round 1:
20 Step Ups
Incline Merkins x 10 IC
Dips x 10 IC
Man Maker Burpees 10 OYO

Round 2:
20 step ups
Decline Merkins x 10 IC
Dips x 10 IC
Man Maker Burpees 10 OYO

Tennis Courts
Round 1: Lunge Walk around the perimeter (2 courts)
Round 2: Bear crawl around the perimeter
Round 3: Crap Walk 1/4 way, broad jump burpee (thanks to cold cuts!), Crab Walk 1/4 way, broad Jump burpee to the finish.

Mosey to the hill by the playground:
Ladder: 10 rounds: Quad-ra-feelia up the hill, 10 squats, run down, 20 LBC. Repeato and decrease squats by 1 each time.

Mosey back to cars mixing in side shuffle and Indian Run.

Total distance covered: 1.5 miles (a lot of that was on the tennis courts)

Mason twist x 20 IC
Flutter Kicks x 20 IC
Rosalita x 10 IC
In the Morning…at Night x 5
Low Dolly x 10 IC
Touch them heels x 10 IC
ABC’s in the air OYO

– Great turnout this morning! It’s always a pleasure getting to workout with you great men! Awesome effort put out by everyone!
-Great meeting Cold Cuts who is visiting from Charlotte! Hope you got a good workout in. Thanks for EH’ing FNG Craig! Hope to see you back out soon, Craig!
-It was a little twisted, but I loved seeing the look in the guys eyes when I said we were going back up the ladder on the hill. Everyone thought we were done. Once at the top I said we were done, I just wanted to see if they would complain or actually do it despite the fact that we were pretty smoked. Had they complained, it could’ve been painful. Great job! I could tell in Cosmo’s eyes that he was not happy with me. I told him “We have coffee to get to.” He said that was the nicest thing he heard all day.
-Today was all about not knowing the standard and pushing guys beyond the number and limit they have pre-set in their heads. This was a big take-a-way for me from the GORUCK Heavy that taught on the SAS (Special Air Services) selection course. You can push harder and further than you think if you don’t know the standard.
-Always an honor men. Keep EH’ing. Keep giving it away! Go be better men in your families, jobs, and community!


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