Q: Brickyard and Cornwallis
Pax: Cosmo, Woodchuck, PVC, Defib

6 men posted for Q school!

We shared a lot of information (see below) as well as did some exercises and gave the new guys in training (PVC and Defib) a chance to practice and lead exercises.

Here is the info we covered:

Planning a workout: 
-plan more than you think you’ll need. Better to have too much than run out.
-do things you are good at and like to do
-read other people’s BB for ideas.
-don’t be afraid to steal people’s ideas, workouts, etc. You are the Q, “you do you”
-be creative and be yourself. Doesn’t have to be a smoke fest

-Workout in a Box: have a set workout that you give instructions at beginning and everyone does on their own
-4 Corners: come up with 4 different exercises, or 8, or 12, and just have a different exercise at each corner with however movement (run, bear crawl, sprint, broad jump burpees, etc.
-Find something online. Example: The Murph

Pre blast (#PB)
-if there are special instructions, or you just want to remind everyone you are Q’ing, send out info, y’all smack, tell them it’ll be easy, etc.

Practice calling cadence at home. Cadence should move in rhythm with the exercise. 

Show up on time (early! You should not be the last one arriving to the workout)

Wear a watch
-start on time. End on time 

Bring Weinke (written out plan on paper or your phone) if you need it. Better to have than not just in case, especially early on when you may be nervous and forget things. 

Give disclaimer to start:
-“I am not a professional”
-“You are our here at your own risk”
-“F3, nor this AO is responsible if you get hurt. “
-if you get hurt let us know and we will help you to your car or call an ambulance if needed.
-it’s dark and the ground is uneven. Be careful.
-Do what you can do and modify as needed.

The next exercise is…Side Straddle Hop!
Starting position move…(wait for people to get in starting position)
In Cadence…  Exercise!

-go slow, don’t rush it
-If you can’t do it, don’t Q it!

-This is the first set of exercises to get the blood flowing.

Watch for the 6 (person in the back): no pax left behind! 

-This is your main workout

-6 minutes of ab exercises at the end.

COT (Circle of Trust)
-count off
-namerama video record.
-prayer requests
-close in prayer or ha e someone else close.

-after you get finished, you still have work to do!
-you must write a backblast yo be posted on the website.
-talk to Zamboni for instructions.
-it’s a record of the date, QIC, pax, what you did, and any special things you heard or notes to share at the end, which is called the Moleskin.

-Brickyard made a great observation. Once you’ve Q’d and experienced that hope and anticipation before the workout of people will show up for you, makes you not want to Fartsack again so you can be there to support other people when they Q. AKA Accountability!

-It was great having 2 new people to train as well has having veterans there to help teach.
-Fun seeing F3 Indianapolis continue to grow!
-Keep coming out! Keep sharing with other men!


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