Shelter Tour Revisited

Weather 64 and moist with a little sprinkle at the end


Short Skirt
Cubby Blue
Crabby PO
Wapner QIC



LBACs forward and reverse IC x10
Shoulder pretzels IC x15
Sprinkler IC x10
Abe Vigodas IC x10
Grass pickers IC x15
Tempo Squats IC x10


Mosey to tip of the happy place

Leg blasters
ATM 10/10/10

Mosey from shelter to shelter

At each shelter:
10 merkins
20 SSHs
30 squats
40 LBCs
Plank for the six, then hold for a slow ten count

One ring of fire at each shelter: abyss merkins, Al Gore/squats, merkins, dips, monkey humpers

R&R x5 shelters


Laney Lu x8



Great to see the PAX roll in this morning – most since Indy guys visited. YHC planned a workout for the possibility of showers that didn’t happen until a sprinkle at the end. Bigger group led to more mumblechatter, which always makes for a more fun time. Realized toward the end that we probably didn’t need the ATM at the beginning – arms are going to be smoked later. New BlackCat record of 8 rounds of Laney Lu. Keep up the EH and let’s get to double digits this week!

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