6/21/2018 Gumby Yoga Workout

The Thang

Mosey to Fish Bowl

Tibetan 5 Rights

Stretch Series




Runners Reach

Sit on your heels



Tuck Chin and Roll up

Palm Extend

Arm Pull




Chicken Wing Stretch

Neck (4 ways)

3 Deep Breaths

Corpse (60 seconds)

Slowsy to the cars


Balmy 71 F Rainy

PAX:  Logger, DC, Woodchuck, Samsonite, Alrighty, Ringo, Cosmo (Q)

7 Brothers posted in the Gloom for soggy stretching workout.  Lots of progress here as we continue to stretch and lengthen our muscles.  Lots more intentional breathing today.  5 rights had the usual mumble chatter and a new group learned the joys of the Corpse yoga position.  Great Work today men as we continue to realize the vast difference between rip-roaring, pound-it-out smack  down workouts vs the slow and controlled yoga-type workouts.  Both are good for complete fitness.

Always a privilege,


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