1 PAX posted.  Not quite as humid today.


Crabby PO QIC

Warm up:


Arm and Leg stretching




YHC did a modified version of the Spartan (100 yd sprint, 10 merkins walk back to start line and repeat X 30).  YHC ran (not sprint) 100 yd, 10 merkins, ran back to start, and then 10 more merkins that equaled one set.  Did 15 of those sets.

La La Leggy: 20 Squats, 20 Lunges each leg, 20 Drop Lunges each leg, 20 Jump Squats, 20 Calf Raises.  X 2.



Leg lifts x 20, LBC x 30, Crunchy Frog x 10, & 100’s x 100.

Moleskin:  Real quiet at Black Cat this morning.  Not a lot of mumble chatter, which is not typical of a Crabby PO workout.  LOL.

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