Warm Up


Air Squats

Imperial Walkers

Overhead Claps

Moroccan Nightclubs

Cherry Pickers

Arm Circles

Mosey to Parking Lot

The Thang

Leg Burners


Curb Walk

Curb Bear Crawl Inch Worm

Curb Crab Walk Inch Worm

Curb Duck Walk Inc Worm

Curb Inch Worm

Mosey to the Circle

Burpees x 15 OYO

Circle Crunch – LBC in series around the circle counting from 1-10

Yoga – Warrior 1,2

Mosey to the cars

Merkins – 10 in cadence


B-E-A-utiful 68 ish, overcast

PAX:  Marshal, Nehi, PVC, Brickyard, FNG (Zeke), Cosmo (Q)

6 Brothers posted in the lovely Gloom for Cosmo Special workout (so named at the advice of PVC, see video).  Fun medium-beat down-level workout today…with medium level mumble chatter…Q accepted this as good.  Group learned that Leg Burners followed by the Motivator is a questionable idea, but everyone survived.  Q was thrilled that his 2.4 (FNG Zeke) took up the F3 challenge and enjoyed it!  Thanks brothers for making him welcome and Brickyard for the gloves that fit him well.

Point of note:  Q’s 2.4 (Zeke) took him M that F3 was fun and that he “didn’t even break a sweat”, which initially had the Q questioning if he was the “child of his loins”, but he strong Q resemblance removes all question (couldn’t deny him if I tried).   Q is quite proud of his 2.4 today…..although, the next Q will have to make sure to kick his butt appropriately.

Always a privilege,


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