Weather 77 and swampy


Crabby PO
Rite Aid (DR from NE TN)
Short Skirt
Wapner QIC



Maestro lap
SSHs IC x25
Grass pickers IC x15
LBACs IC x20
Tempo squats IC x10
Tempo merkins IC x10
Jingle balls IC x10


Indian run to main shelter

One partner:

Merkins x10
Squats x20
LBCs x30
Mountain climbers x40

Other partner:

Lap around playground w/sprint from last turn – Plank for the six

After each cycle do a Ring of Fire:

Merkins x10 and planks
Squats x10 and Al Gore
Flutter kicks x10 and canoes
Monkey humpers x10 and ankle holds
Dips x10 and dip holds

R&R x5

Mosey to flag


Round robin, dealers choice Mary

Heels to Heaven IC x10
LBCs IC x15
Freddie Mercury IC x15
American hammers IC x10
Flutter kicks IC x15
Crunchy frog IC x10



Put it out for requests on GroupMe and none given, so dusted off a workout from earlier this year. Maestro back from travels about the country and in time for Maestro lap. If that keeps up may need to rename it Short Skirt lap. Rite Aid down range from Iron Horse in Johnson City, TN – last time he was here temp was about -5 degrees, so the swampy conditions didn’t seem to bother him. Several among us coming off vacations and bad habits that seem to plague time off. Time to get back to work, better habits, and putting on the EH to men around us. More men at the workouts makes it more fun and allows us to reach more of our community. Press on and we can get to regular double digit posts by our anniversary (in about 6 weeks). Aye!

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