5 PAX posted

72° and swampy





Jay-Z (QIC)


Daisy Lap

Shoulder pretzels ICx15

Abe Vigodas ICx10

Cherry pickers ICX10

Willie Mays Hays

10 jump squats

Grass pickers ICX10


QIC picked 4 locations in the park, with 3 of those being 4th of July related, in order to spell out FOUR.

After each letter was completed, the PAX also completed reps of 7-4-17-76

Location 1: Launch site for tonight’s fireworks

F- Floyd Mayweather ICX10 each arm

7 diamond merkins

4 burpee

17 squats

76 SSH

Location 2: The flag

O- one arm pickle pounder ICX10 each arm


Location 3: The hill

U- run up and down hill 4 times


Location 4: We ran railroad tracks to the happy place representing the letter R.




Heals to heaven x10 OYO

Flutter kicks ICX15

8 Absolution

Side leg lifts ICX10 each leg

Laney Lou x3

45 second low plank hold


It was great to see 5 PAX show up when so many fart sacked! Our numbers are slowly improving. Let’s keep it going. The first mosey to the launch site was longer than QIC had anticipated. Just short of a mile round trip. It was determined IM was influencing the Q in some way. Only minor mumbling about the number of SSH and the fact that the Q seemed to work in all of Maestro’s suggestions for honoring the holiday. It was a good and swampy time.

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