Standard Ruck: Samsonite and Cornwallis

Q: Cornwallis
Pax: Defib, Cosmo, PVC, Knee High, Marshall, Samsonite

I woke up this morning and was really struggling with motivation to go to the standard ruck thinking that I would be doing it alone. I forced myself to go anyway and was so happy when Samsonite pulled in! This is why we do F3, because other men are there for us when we need them and vice versa.

I gave the Pax a choice this morning:
1) Do a bootcamp that would be really hard
2) Do something fun that would be hard

They chose the challenging bootcamp.

YHC opened with this line: “You who are about to die, I salute you!”

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional, follow at your own risk, watch out for uneven ground, modify as needed, F3 nor Sahm park nor YHC are responsible, good luck!

Warm-o-rama: (all IC)
SSH x 25
IST x 10
Toy Soldiers x 10
Windmill x 10

Mosey to the basketball court parking long. Along the way I told the guys that YHC has only done this workout once and I didn’t complete it. I’ve only known 1 person to finish in a 45 min. workout.


Rules: The rules are simple, the task near impossible.
Exercises and reps below, however each rep must be done consecutively.
If a break or pause in your reps is necessary, you must take an 80 yard mosey to “catch your breath”. You must also take the same mosey at the completion of each exercise.
All single count, all OYO.

‘Mericans x 100
Air Squats x 100
SSH x 100
Burpees x 50
LBC x 100
Carolina Dry Docks x 100
Jump Squats x 100
Tricep Pullover x 100
(similar to WWII sit ups except you bring your knees in to your elbows. Like a combination of WWII and LBC, but your feet never hit the ground)
Hand Release ‘Mericans x 100
WWII Sit Ups x 100

Mosey back for Mary

Sally Challenge: Done to the song “Flower” by Moby
Feet never hit the ground is the goal. Basically it is “In the Mornings” when they say “bring sally up” and “At Nights” when they say “bring sally down.” 1 pax, YHC, completed song


-It was great being back at the Swamp after missing many weeks because of work. Great turnout and everyone worked so hard! That workout is just a beatdown suckfest!
-So glad everyone could make it to Coffee too! That so much fun getting to hang out with everyone. We talked about doing more 2nd F and 3rd F things together.
-We also continue to encourage everyone to keep EHing (Emotional Headlong. ie. tell other men about F3) every man you know and/or don’t know. Many men are just waiting to be invited to something like this. The one’s who don’t want to come just don’t know what they are missing. Don’t rule ANYONE out for F3 because of how they look, fitness level, etc. Invite men to the 2nd and 3rd F events too! Maybe that is their way in the door. This is not a closed group. It’s a brotherhood for all men of all walks of life, faith backgrounds, race, economic status, etc.



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