4 PAX posted for some Spartan!




Crabby PO QIC

Warm up:

Overhead Shoulder Pretzels IC x 20

Abe Vigoda IC X 15

General Stretching – Arms, Legs, etc…

Hand Release Merkins OYO X 5

Mosey over by Babe Ruth Diamond and Pool.

Thang: Spartan

PAX performed 100 yard sprint followed by 10 Merkins walked it back to the start line rinse and repeat x 20.


Mosey to flag for Mary.



LBC IC x 25

Flutter Kicks IC x 20

Side Crunch – Opposite elbow to opposite knee.  OYO 10 each side.

Hold Low plank for 30s.

Moleskin:  Followed Jay Z’s Wednesday Beat Down with Spartan today.  The temperature and less humid air were the only nice thing about this Friday morning.  Some mumble about legs still hurting from Wednesday only fueled the desire to go hard and really make the weekend something to remember.  Funny PAX never complain about the upper hurting just the lower.  LOL.

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