Q: Cornwallis
Pax: Brickyard, Zamboni

3 Pax showed up to jumpstart the week! It reminded me how great it is to have a Monday option for those who couldn’t make Saturday’s workout.


SSH IC x 20
Windmill IC x 10


Fartlicks.: 30 seconds fast run, 30 seconds jog…repeato. Continue for 5 min

Choose Your Own Adventure! 
3 stations: Kettlebells, sandbag (40# SB), and box
You decide the excise you need/want to do. Tabata timer was running for 30 min. 1 min full on exercise. 1 min break. During the 1 min break we rotated to the next station.

Some excerise’s that were done:
KB: curls, shoulder press, skull crushers, chest press, KB swings, clean and press, etc.
Sandbag: Curls, squats, deadlifts, clean and press, sit ups, chest press
Box: jump ups, step ups, incline mericans, decline mericans, flutter kicks, dips, and at one point brickyard just started kicking the box. I think those were Rocky Balboa’s.

I introduced the boys to SALLY Challenge! (done to the tune Flower by Moby) 3:30 of pain!

-What I loved about this workout is it allowed us to have great fellowship because I didn’t have to call cadence or call out exercises. We had great conversation about F3 on all levels!
-Brickyard did a fly by EH of a guy who parked in the parking lot. He either had ear phones in or completely ignored Brickyard. It was a little awkward. YHC then put a business card on his windshield. He either went for a REALLY long run, or was waiting in the bushes for us to leave so he wouldn’t be confronted by sweaty men, one in really short shorts! (probably doesn’t help the EH)
-We would all love to see Oxbow grow and work, so if you know anyone that is a male (that’s all that is required) and lives near here, tell them about it or tell me and I’ll contact them.



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