6 PAX posted, including 1 FNG for a low impact, slow paced workout.  72F, no wind, and HUMID.

10 Tempo Squats
10 Tempo Merkins
10 ultra slow Windmills
15 Monkey Humpers
Walk 40 feet  to in front of the barn

15 x Reverse Lunge each leg, then Squat
10 x Slow Mo Burpees ( merkin at the bottom, 2 squats at the top, no jumping)
10 x Wide Merkin, Narrow Merkin, IC
10 x Crab toe touches IC
10 x Jingle balls without the jingle IC
10 x Shuffle Merkins – In a low squat, shuffle 3 steps to left, drop and do a merkin, back up in squat position and shuffle 3 steps to right, drop for another merkin

Walk 40 feet to the flag for first round of Mary

12 x pickle pounders
30 x LBC’s
15 x American Hammers
10 x leg circles in each direction

Yoga for 10 minutes

Mary #2

10 x Baycity Scissors
20 x LBC’s
15 x Crunchy frog
1 minute high plank
10 merkins
1 minute low plank
20 x LBC’s
15x American Hammers
12x pickle pounders

My (IM’s) first workout in a month due to stress fracture in leg.  Kept it very low impact but seemed like everyone still broke a sweat.  FNG Kevin’s first workout.  He promised to be back on Wed. so he better show up!


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