9 PAX (including 2 kotters!) posted in the Gloom for an old fashioned BEAT DOWN. The only proper response? Good.


Warm Up

Maestro Lap

Air Squats IC

Arm Circles

Windmills IC

The Thang

Four Corners

10 Burpees

20 Merkins

30 Calf Raises

40 Peter Parkers 


Partner Mountain

P1 plank

P2 feel the bern

R&R x5

P1 Al Gore

P2 Bear Crawl 

R&R x3.5 (we ran outta time getting to 5)



Flutter Kicks


Gas Pumps 

Low Dolly

Bay City Scissors


I recently heard a video clip of Jocko Willink about his philosophy of always responding “good” no matter how dire the situation. You say “good” because you can say it… because you are ALIVE. I put together a tough workout with the challenge for the PAX to respond with everything exercise with “good”.

Thanks to everyone who posted today. It was super nice having Pop and Spud back in the fold and it was great seeing Logger after his vacation. There is a renewed energy in F3 Indianapolis right now, and we are trying to pour as much gas on the fire as we can. Regular 2nd F events start this week (bi-weekly happy hours on Wednesday’s and bi-weekly lunches on the off weeks starting next Thursday). F3 is so much more than the workouts, so I’m excited to see everyone post at our 2nd F events as well.

Until next time!


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