Weather 70 and still







Crabby PO 

Wapner QIC


Maestro lap

SSHs IC x30

Shoulder pretzels IC x20

Arm stretches and wall stretch 

Grass pickers IC x15

Willie Mays Hayes

Hand release merkins IC x10

Mountain climbers IC x15


Block Dora 1-2-3

One partner farmer carries blocks around flag (about 40 yards) other partner does exercises to cumulative 100 skull crushers 200 block curls 300 block squats

Mosey to Happy Place

Leg blasters 

ATM 10/10/10

Leg blasters 

ATM 10/10/10

Mosey to flag

Block Mary (hold a block, if you can):

Wall sit 

Flutter kicks IC x20

Gas pumps IC x15

Freddie Mercury IC x15

Hello Dolly IC x15



Nice little breeze at the beginning of the Maestro lap gave way to an otherwise still morning. Groaning about the blocks started immediately upon arrival with one PAX complaining he wouldn’t be able to get his shot over the rim at basketball later. Unexcused absence from IM as fear of blocks (is there a phobia for that?) is certainly the reason for the fartsack. Maestro on time for the Maestro lap with good news from the cardiologist – his heart is strong and it turns out they could tell he’s been working out – Aye!

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