2 PAX posted in the early Monday gloom to get their week started right. Both of us mentioned not feeling so good when we woke up, but we didn’t want to leave the other man alone at the AO. It was a little unsettling pulling into the parking lot only to see a cop parked right next to our normal parking spots. We did the warm up without interruption, but began questioning the Q YHC put together when we had to carry buckets of sand into the dark of the Broad Ripple Park.

Warm up:



Weed Pickers

Jump Squats


The Thang:

Bucket Carry to the monkey bars

10 Pull Ups

Bucket Carry (across the field)

20 Merkins

Lap (around the field)

30 Flutter kicks

Bucket Carry (back across the field)

Monkey Bars (1 Burpee for each bar missed)




LBC + Hold ic

LBSC + Hold ic

Leg Climbers oyo

Low Dolly



Inspired by the bucket Carry on the Spartan and as part of my penance for missing a week ago for Charlotte’s BizKidDay at the Fishers Farmers Market, I took the buckets of sand from her booth and put them to good use. These were at least 50lbs each, and both of us said we’d feel it later today.

As for the police? We went back to our vehicles to find the cop car gone and no tickets or warnings. After a prayer of thanks and prayers for our PAX that haven’t been or aren’t able to be posting, we were on with the rest of the day.

Until next time!


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