Six men posted

Mid 50s, clear, low humidity



Cubby Blue



Jay-Z (QIC)


Maestro Lap

Shoulder pretzels ICx15

Abe Vigodas ICX10

Moroccan night club ICX15

Grass pickers ICx15


Tempo squats ICX10


Mosey to the happy place

Merkin plank hold x10

Jump squat hold x10

Mosey to basketball court for suicides

6 suicides total with 27 reps (today’s date) of the following exercises after each suicide.

Crab Jacks


Mountain Climber

Plank Jacks



Mosey to shelter

Incline Merkin ring of fire

Dip ring of fire

Due to MAGGOTS ring of fire was moved outside

Monkey Humper ring of fire

Down the steps for Derkin ring of fire

Paula Abdul back up the stairs

Mosey to concession stand

30 second one legged wall sit each leg

1 minute wall sit both legs


Pickle pounder ICX20


Flutter kicks ICX15

Side crunches ICX10 each side

3 Absolution


We lost a few guys today due to vacations. Still managed 6 PAX in attendance. We are growing! The merkin plank holds and jump squat holds proved to be a great way to start off. By the time the wall sits came around our quads were smoked. The discovery of maggots on the floor of the shelter house required the ring of fire exercises to be moved. The floor was ALIVE. Hope to see EVERYONE back on Monday.

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