The Swamp

2 posted for a #standard ruck (Brickyard and YHC), 1 for an OTB run (Logger)

Q: Cornwallis
Pax: DC, PVC, Brickyard, Logger

Disclaimer given

SSH x 20 IC
IST x 15 IC
Windmill x 10 IC


PT Test: Max reps Pushups in 2 min. Max Reps sit ups in 2 min. Timed 2 mile run.


Push Ups
DC-75 (no results from last test) 
PVC-34 (+4 improvement from last time) 
Brickyard: 50 (no results from last test) 
Logger: 63 (no results from last test) 
Cornwallis: 84 (+3 improvement from last time) 

Sit Ups
DC- 31 (no results from last test) 
PVC- 53 (+13 improvement from last time) 
Brickyard:48  (no results from last test) 
Logger: 35 (no results from last test) 
Cornwallis: 71 (+7 improvement from last time) 

DC- 20:38 (no results from last test) 
PVC-20:43 (1:11 faster than last time) 
Brickyard: 15:52 (no results from last test) 
Logger: 14:11 (no results from last test) 
Cornwallis: 14:11 (0:58 sec. faster than last time) 

Cool down: We threw frisbee then played Skeet Shooting with frisbees

-Thanks Brickyard for coming to Ruck with me, even though we made it a little shorter. Hope your foot feels better soon.
-We EH’ed a runner and turned out to be Logger 🙂
-I cussed at DC during my sit ups because he kept asking me for my passcode to get in to my phone because it feel asleep. I was trying to focus on sit ups, plus I don’t just give my phone passcode out to strangers, haha. Sorry brother! I was just focused on beating my last time.
-It was fun throwing discs afterwards and everyone made it to coffee! Always a pleasure men!


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