Next Tuesday, July 31st at THE HILL!

The FIRST EVER Q v Q will take place. Come be a part of this epic event and find out who will come away as the first winner in what is sure to be a great beatdown and joy to watch unfold.

In one corner, coming in at over 50 (RESPECT!), we have our most OG pax, the mustard seed planter, the non stop talker and audible thinker, the master of disaster, the Nantaan of Indianapolis… BRICKYARD!!!

In the other corner, even though he is a #hate, he has done more in the last 10 years than any other person to insure humans will not become extinct and that F3 will still be around years to come (with another on the way any day now), the hockey jersey wearing hall of famer who works out in ice skates because he can, whose hair always looks good and perfect no matter what time of day… ZAMBONI!!!
SEE YOU ALL THIS TUESDAY! Tell your friends and come be a part of this first ever Q vs. Q where the loser has to buy coffee next Saturday, or at least that is all that we know at this point.


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