Weather 65 and light rain, ground plenty moist 


Crabby PO





Wapner QIC


Maestro lap 

Shoulder pretzels IC x15

Nipple tweakers IC x15

Abe Vigodas IC x10

Grass pickers IC x15

Willie Mays Hayes

Motivator from 8


Mosey to Happy Place

Parking lot bear makers – courtesy of Captain Insane-O of F3Louisville – bear crawl along parking space lines and man maker (burpee with plank jack) at the end of each line – for what feels like forever then back to beginning – will henceforth be called Captain Insane-Os in F3Indianapolis region

Mosey lap around playground 

ATM 15/10/10

Leg blasters 

Mosey lap around playground 

Crowd pleaser pyramid to 4

Leg blasters

Mosey to stairs

Stair suicide

Mosey to bathrooms

Dips ring of fire 

Mosey to flag


Mary Webbs – Flutter kicks to LBCs 1:4 to 9:36



Discussion about how few times it has rained for a post and those fartsackers (don’t worry I would never call you out by name) that probably turned over, saw the rain, and went back to sleep. Maestro on time and suggested that the Maestro lap wasn’t necessary today. Suggestion ignored and the PAX were off and running. 

Quick warmup capped off with a motivator from 8 – working back up toward 10 (or more?). Off to the happy place for parking lines and introduced the group to bear crawls around the lines to man makers. Several names for this exercise were suggested but seems like the group settled on naming them Captain Insane-Os for the sadistic inventor himself. YHC discovered that when you turn around you go back into some stale air – certainly not as fresh as a Daisy. 

Slippery stairs for stair suicides so that was cut to one suicide. Maybe steps would be easier to navigate with a Little Foot. Kept things at a strong pace this morning and YHC was throughly smoked by time for Mary. Plenty of movement throughout to stir things up – probably need to call the Gas Man to make sure everything is in working order. 

Another part of the Louisville workout was brought back with Mary Webbs. PAX speculated that CI must have gotten his name because he truly is insane. All in all a real Humdinger of a workout today. 

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