Weather- 58, foggy, ground nice and moist


Crabby PO





Daisy- QIC


Sprinkler IC x15

Grass Pickers ICx15

Abe Vigodas ICx15

Willy Mays Hayes

Butt Kickers


Mosey to Happy Place

Mountain Climbers X25

ALARM #1- Arms, Swerkins ICx10, Legs- Lt. Dan 1-10, Abs- Imperial Walkers X20, “R” Scout Run around petting zoo, “M” WMD 10 each

Mountain Climbers x25

Alarm #2- Arms- Bat Wings, Legs- Leg Blasters 20/10/10/10, Abs, Plank Hurdles- one rotation, “R”- Catch us if you can around petting zoo, “M” Worst Merins Ever 10 sets.

Mountain Climbers x25

ALARM #3- Arms- Russian Dips Ring of Fire, 5 each leg, Legs- Bolt 45, Abs Pretzel Crunch ICx15, “R” Bataan Death March around petting zoo back to Flag, “M”- Mountain Climbers x25


Superman ICx15

XY’s ICx15

Reverse Crunches x20

Captain Thor 2 sets



Shared discussion about the fog and glad those coming from afar made it safe, also discussion about Daisy’s VQ.

During warmups- it was shared that today was National Mountain Climber’s Day and that you could be sure we were going to honor that in today’s exercises.   After warmups- mosey to the happy place, start mountain climbers and share about he ALARM routine learned from the Exicon.  Uneven levels of the swings made Swerkins a little more difficult for some than others- the different runs made things interesting especially keeping a pace that wouldn’t kill the person trying to catch up.   Diamond Merkins were noted as the “not fun” exercise today.

Being a VQ, some of the things looked much more realistic on paper.  Adjustments were made to fit time and to not kill anyone…..  mainly the distance of the running for the last two “R” exercises.

All in all, felt this was a good workout- lots of burning took place today, a good sweat was had by all, and notes to improve for next round!


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