9 PAX posted in the gloom to play some fun games.  We welcomed a new PAX to the group and bestowed him with the name of Piper.  70F and humid.

The stretching song which everyone enjoyed – “Stretch it out!”

Criss-Cross Jumps x 15
Monkey Humpers x 10
Gorilla Humpers x 10
Mosey to basketball courts

The Thang:
Duck-Duck-Goose – PAX stand in a circle facing out.  One PAX jogs around the circle, pointing and saying Duck at each PAX as he passes.  Each PAX does a burpee when pointed at.  PAX running eventually picks a Goose and both run in opposite directions to get back to the empty spot.  Loser does 3 burpees and becomes the picker

Mosey to happy place
Poker Run – Deck of cards is placed 20-30 yards away in a box.  PAX run down and grab a card at random from box and run back.  Do a burpee.  Repeat until each man has 5 cards.  Best hand gets to pick the exercise.  Do the number of reps based on total value of cards in your hand.  Face values were worth 10.  Ace worth 1.

Duckwalk tag – Play tag but must stay down in duck walk.

Mosey to flag

Pickle Pounders x 15
LBC’s x 25
Dolly x 20
American Hammers x 15
Leg Circles x 10 in each direction

Mumble:  It was a fun day of playing games.  The stretching song really started the day off right.  It was decided that no one should play poker with Crabby PO as he somehow “won” all 3 rounds of poker.  Playing duckwalk tag the workout after mobility exercises may have been a bad idea.  Time will tell.

Discussion on 1 year anniversary workout (August 15th, one week from today) and 1 year anniversary party.  Mark your calendar for September 1st at Jay-Z’s farm.

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