Weather 65, clear, and a little sticky




Gas Man

One Sock

Cubby Blue 



Wapner QIC



Maestro lap 

Shoulder pretzels IC x15

Sprinkler IC x15

Nipple tweakers IC x15

Abe Vigodas IC x10

Grass pickers IC x15

Tempo squats IC x10


Mosey to the Happy Place

ATM 10/10/10

Leg blasters 

R&R both

Mosey to main shelter

Wheel barrow squats & merkins x2

Stair suicide

Hail Mary x2

Stair suicide

BOMBS away

Partner up alternate running and exercises counting up to 

25 Burpees

50 Overhead claps

75 Mountain climbers

75 Big boys

100 SSHs

Mosey to flag


Chicken peckers IC x10

Gas pumps IC x15

Pickle pointers IC x10

Boxcutters IC x15



Woke up to a fartsack message on GroupMe from Friday’s Q… he’d better be ready to make a strong comeback. Always good to see the cars roll in and a solid 8 today. A little complaining that Maestro lap isn’t necessary since Maestro is on the DL, but I say keep the tradition going so we’re ready when he comes back. Complaining turned into groaning when R&R was called for at the Happy Place. YHC found out it’s tough to keep the count on second round of ATMs, especially now that hand release merkins have been thrown into the mix. If ATMs didn’t set the arms on fire, partner exercises in the shelter did for sure. Time ran short so BOMBS had to be modified to leave enough time for Mary. Chicken peckers work better on rock wall than on barn siding and pickle pointers brought a few comments and chuckles. Stuck with recent foot theme in NOR and Matt Cole named One Sock in honor of Happy Gilmore’s caddy. Keep the EHing up – still plenty of men that haven’t heard about F3, have heard but need more persuading, or have come and need to come back. 

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