Stairs again?

4 Pax posted





Weather: cool mid 50s with a slight breeze.

Meastro lap

Grass Pickers IC

Willy Mays Hays OYO

Arm circles Q count X10 and reverse

Arm stretch- right over left/left over right

15 Merkins IC

Mosey to bottom of stairs


Stairway to 7– 1 burpee 1 merkin, up the stairs and finish with 20 squats then back down.

Decent size mosey to the playground

3 stations with 2 rounds– mike Tyson’s, Catalina wine mixer and dips. 10 each

Mosey to the “tip”

Aiken legs– 10 squats, 10 box jumps, 10 lunges–3 rotations with rinse and repeat

Mosey a 1 1/2 around the petting zoo and finish at flag


Captain Thor 1:4-5:20


Flutter kicks IC

Heels to heaven Q X20


Freddie Mercury IC X20


A quiet start to the workout, with a multiple groans throughout the stairs and Catalina wine mixers. The donkey was up and yelling this morning so that helped with motivation in the cardio. A combination of things going on today kept numbers low but we managed to salvage a solid workout heading into the weekend.

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