The Swamp

2 for a #standard Ruck: Brickyard and Cornwallis

Q: Cornwallis
Pax: Brickyard, PVC


Warmorama: (all IC)

SSH x 25
Windmill x 10
IST x 10
Wacky Jacks x 10
Monkey Humpers x 10

Zamperini Kettle bells down towards the Porta John area.

  1. 50 KB swings
    50 LBC
  2. 50 Goblet Squats w/ KB
    50 Flutter Kicks
  3. 50 KB curls
    50 Low Dollys
  4. 50 KB lawnmowers (25 each arm)
    50 crunchy frogs
  5. 50 KB skull crushers
    50 Freddie Mercury’s
  6. 50 KB deadlifts
    50 Dying Cockroach
  7. 50 KB chest press
    50 WWII sit ups
  8. 50 KB snatches
    50 LBSC (25 each side)
  9. 50 KB shoulder press
    50 touch them heels
  10. 50 KB side raises (25 each side)
    50 American Hammers

Zamperini back to the cars.

Recover, recover!

-Thanks for coming out this morning guys and congrats on 1000 reps! Strong work!
– The rain held off. It was nice to be throwing kettlebells around again!
-PVC and Brickyard, you’d never guess they are #respects by the way they push and workout! Way to set the bar for all of us and give us hope for the future.


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