5 men posted in the thick, humid air at 5:30 am to “enjoy” some repetitive running.

Mosey the long way around to the happy place
15 x over the head shoulder pretzels
10 x each way LBAC’s
10 x Tempo Squat
10 x Tempo Merkin

Run a lap around the animals (~.2 miles)
5 x Burpee
10 x Merkin
15 x Squat

Complete the circuit 10 times.

Slowsey back to the flag

10 seconds of corpse
25 x LBC’s
5, 45, 90 – keep legs straight and move them to the called out angle.
10 x American Hammers
10 x Crunchy Frog
15 x Flutter Kicks

It was hot and humid this morning.  All the running definitely kept me gasping for air.  Looks like we need to incorporate a bit more running in (I know I need it).  It wasn’t an imaginative workout but did result in about 2.5 miles of running and a lot of sweating.

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