Warm up

SSH x 20

High Knees x 15

Side Kicks x 15

Mosey to the grassy area, south of church.

The Thang

Tibetan 5 Rites, 15 reps each


Calf Stretch

Warrior 1, 2

Crescent Pose/Runner Stretch

Hip Flexor

Head to Ground

Runner Stretch L/R Hand to the sky



Hamstring Stretch

Calf Stretch

Groin Stretch


Slow Roll up


Tricep Stretch


Forearm, top and bottom

Lower Back/Hips

Ankle on Knee Pull Through Stretch

Mosey to the cars



68 F Clear and beautiful

PAX:  Khaki, Brickyard, Thickburger (from NC), Head Lock, DC, Logger, PVC, Cosmo (Q)

After 4 weeks of pounding on our bodies with the Iron Pax Challenges, today’s Gumby was especially needed!  Tibetan Rites went very well with the normal mumble chatter and balance issues, especially during the whirling and the core lifts.  Great to see Thickburger jumping in as if he’d been in the group for months!  Speaks well of the F3 culture and the organization!

Let’s keep it going!

Nice work Men!

Always a privilege!


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