Weather- clear- 59 degrees- practically perfect morning in the gloom

PAX- IM, Jay-Z, Crabby PO, Piper, Wapner, Daisy QIC

Warm-up: Arm Pretzels x20 IC

Arm circles- small to big- x20 IC

Tempo Squats- x10 IC

Motivator- from 5

Arm stretches OYO

The Thang:

Mosey to “Happy Place”

Wheel of merkin- 5 each (20 total)

Wave of Merkin (10 each)

Wall of Merkin (10 each)

BTTW Merkin x5

Mosey to large shelter house

Abyss Merkin x10

“Reverse Merkin” Ring of Fire (Dips) x 10

Mosey to basketball court

Webicide to 10 (55 total)

Bear crawl down/ Crab Walk Back

Mosey to second shelter house

Merkin mania- diamond, regular, wide, crucible, staggered, staggered, tempo, hand release- 5 each (40 total)

Imperial walkers- x20 IC

Mosey to pool shelter house

Yul Brenner- Carolina Dry Dock, wide, regular, Ranger, Diamond, crucible, chuck Norris- 5 each (35 total)

LBC- x20 IC

Slowsey/ Mosey to flag

Mary: X-factor x10 IC

Wheezy Jefferson x20 IC

Windshield Wipers x10 IC

Free choice merkins x20

Flutter Kicks x15 IC

Plank 60 seconds

Mole skin:

After a week of leg burning workout, the arms wanted some love. So to celebrate National Trail Mix Day- a trail of mixed merkins was put together to help balance the week. You know the workout is going well when grumbling starts 18 minutes in to the workout. (I know it was 18 minutes in because the exact amount of time was noted in the grumbles) Note: Crab walk the length of the basketball court- looooooooong walk.

Other note- X- factor brought some groans- rougher than expected. Total merkins 205 (215 if you count “reverse merkins”)

Chatter about our gathering Saturday and the glorious meats everyone is bringing excited everyone. Looking forward to fellowship with each other- just hoping our arms will be able to lift the food and beverage to our mouths!

Hoping after the holiday weekend the numbers pick back up!

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